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It is our goal to employ competent, caring and well-trained individuals who are responsive to the needs of our customers, their families, and the communities we serve. Each staff member shall meet the State of Oregon’s educational and training requirements of the services they provide. We will encourage and support continued education to each personal support worker we employ.

In turn, our agency will provide staff with competitive compensation, and supply a dynamic and inviting work environment through the direction of a knowledgeable and trustworthy management.

Current Openings

Job Title: Direct Support Professional

Job Description:
Purpose and Summary:

Direct Support Professional (DSP) is a multi-functional professional, who is responsible for the delivery of in-home support and personal care for people with Intellectual / Developmental Disabilities of all ages. DSP’s help their clients remain independent in their own homes and communities. DSP’s collaborate with company staff in order to ensure the provision of culturally appropriate support and assistance to eligible clients including provision of support with activities of daily living, personal care, caregiver relief, and all instructions according to their Individual Support Plan.

Direct Support Professionals shall have the following minimum qualifications.
A. Being at least 18 years of age;
B. Successfully completing a DHS criminal history check;
C. Being legally eligible to work in the United States;
D. Demonstrating by background, education, references, skills, and abilities that he or she is capable of safely and adequately performing all tasks assigned;
E. Having the ability and sufficient education to follow oral and written instructions and keep any records required;
F. Having the ability to communicate with clients, other staff, client’s family members and brokerage personnel;
G. Responsibility, maturity, and reputable character exercising sound judgment;
H. Not being the spouse of any client that the employee works directly with;
I. Having no substantiated abuse or neglect findings against them by DHS, CDDP or other appropriate authority;
J. Not being on the current Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services list of excluded or debarred providers and
K. Holding a valid driver’s license and appropriate levels of auto insurance if driving as part of job duties.


The Direct Support Professional is responsible for:
A. Following basic hygienic practices and applying the principles of body mechanics;
B. Providing assistance with personal care activities such as but not limited to bathing, dressing, transferring, walking, handling stairs, grooming, and assisting with bedside care as required;
C. Providing assistance with routine activities of daily living and supporting the safety of clients and self;
D. Assisting with the use and monitoring of special aids (i.e., walkers, cranes, wheelchairs, lifts, crutches, etc.);
E. Assisting with medication monitoring according to policies and procedures of Essential Services LLC;
F. Assisting with meal planning and shopping, planning and preparation of nutritious meals, including special diets;
G. Providing ongoing support to family members involved in client care; encouraging involvement in client care and facilitating effective and ongoing communication;
H. Providing assistance with instrumental activities of daily living (errands, paying bills, shopping, travel, etc.) as identified in the Individual Support Plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

CPR/First aid, and other certifications2019-10-30T15:46:32-07:00

We are tracking your CPR/First Aid expiration dates, as well as your background checks; however, it is also your responsibility to make sure you always are in compliance. This also means that you need to always have the proper automobile coverage as discussed in your initial hire paperwork. If you get a new proof of insurance card, please send us a copy as soon as possible, this can be a text message picture or scanned photo.

Do you update your employee handbook?2019-10-30T15:45:47-07:00

All of our updates will be added to the Employee Handbook and we will periodically send the updated handbooks out through email.

How do I correct mistakes on time forms?2020-09-02T10:09:48-07:00

We all make mistakes, and that is alright. If you notice that you have made a mistake it is very important that you text or email Dawn Hooley ( as soon as possible. She is the Essential Services Accountant and will work with you to correct any mistakes.

If you forget whether you turned in a time form, or made a mistake, look for a confirmation email in the email you provided when entering your time form.

*NOTE* Sometimes these confirmation emails to end up in the junk folder.

When are the pay periods?2019-10-30T15:43:43-07:00

From the 1st to the 15th of each month is considered our first half and once submitted will be paid on the 1st of the following month. The 16th – the 31st (or whatever the last day of the month happens to be.) is the second half of the pay month and will be paid by the 16th on the following month.

That being said, the only way this can happen without issues, is for all of us to input our hours no later than the 15th and the last day of the month 11:59 PM. We ask that every employee enters their hours at the end of the day so we are able to streamline the payment process and pay everyone on time. Hours that are entered late will have to be added to the next pay period.

When are pay days?2019-10-30T15:43:13-07:00

Due to the way our billing system works, Essential Services has decided to have paydays on the 1st and 16th of each month. Other places do it a little differently, and pay on different days each month; however, we would like to move away from that so everything is standardized so there is no confusion from month to month.

How do I obtain lost or missing paperwork from when you where hired?2019-10-30T15:45:10-07:00

We have a digital copy of everything we signed together when you where hired with us. If you happen to lose anything or just want to see anything, contact us and we will get a new digital copy sent over to you right away. If you have concerns, feel free to contact us about this.